Declutter Your Home



Declutter Your Home (App also includes a link where you can request the full PDF version for reading on your computer or tablet.)

It's time to declutter you life. Living in a home full of clutter can be embarrassing, overwhelming, depressing and downright dangerous. Learn how you can become clutter free, maintain a clutter free home and become more organized, with as little as 15 minutes per day.

This app includes a comprehensive 70+ page guide, based on personal experience, with tips that can help declutter your home with little stress or self condemnation. A large part of getting started in cleaning the clutter around you is having the right mindset. This de-clutter and organizational guide will help you stop procrastinating, stop getting distracted and start getting busy.

Some of the topics include

De-cluttering for Beginners
Tools of the Decluttering trade
How to declutter
First things first - Where to start
De-cluttering as an Art form
Set a Time Limit
Don’t lose heart – decluttering miracles take time
Everything in its place
What you can do with your junk
Decluttering pitfalls
More on De-cluttering
Exhaustion = Procrastination
Don’t put it off for tomorrow
Where to start cleaning clutter?
Guilt – what’s that?
Don’t become distracted
Good intentions
Get a designated “safe” place
Have a Dumping Ground
Create more organizational space
The In-Out rule
Emergency de-clutter!
A treasure trove of toys - toy organization
Use a screen to hide clutter
Out with the old
Declutter those knick knacks
Recycle your clutter
Sort out your mail – go to the source
Place seasonal clothes in boxes
Have “decluttering days”
Spring cleaning
Autumn cleaning
Stack ‘em high!
Clearing that Junk drawer
Separate Laundry Bins
Paperwork clutter - what to keep what to throw away
Where to Start on cleaning clutter
Cleaning clutter in:
Your Living Room
Your Dining Room
Your Kitchen
Your Fridge
The cupboards
The overall kitchen
Your Bedroom
Your dresser drawers
Knick knacks
Bedside table
Your Closets
Your Office /Den
Your Bathroom

Ready, steady, sort out, and sort again!

Getting organized with:
Lazy Susan
A Labeler
Shelving Units
Corkboard /Whiteboard
Wastepaper baskets
Foldable hampers
Boxes (with Lids!)
Vac bags
Black Bin Bags

This app also includes helpful YouTube videos on clearing clutter and home organization, news related to decluttering and organization tips, plus talk on Twitter about conquering clutter.

Get started now conquering decluttering your home with this helpful app.

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