Dog Writer (Note Companion)



Save your notes locally on your phone with Dog Writer. To ensure your precious information is available over time and no matter where you are, Dog Writer will also save your document to the cloud service (Dropbox).

* Notes are stored in text format (instead of proprietary formats), easily retrievable over the cloud
* Option of applying AES 256 encryptions to notes to ensure secrecy
* Ability to re-download locally deleted notes from cloud
* Background sync of notes when network is available
* Small footprint, just enough for you to get things done
* Let you read your decrypted info in peace with Anti-Snooping Background
* Share links to notes saved on Dropbox as well as share content to other third-party apps
* (New) Write in Markdown and preview Markdown!

Keywords: Documents; Notes; Dropbox; Writer; Text Encryption; Synchronization; Links; Cloud service; Note-Taking, Markdown, Markdown Preview

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