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A scientific calculator in the palm of your hand

  • Includes all the functions of a scientific calculator
  • Clear and easy to use if you already have the knowledge
  • You may need someone to help you if you're not used to this type of calculator

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"A scientific calculator with special functions you won't find on your default camera"


If you don't often have to deal with numbers, equations, and complex operations, the calculator that comes pre-installed on your phone will probably serve you well. If, however, you're a mathematician, engineer, or scientist, perhaps Droid48 will be a good addition to your phone.


This app is ideal if your job involves scientific calculations, or if you're a student and need to upgrade from a regular calculator in order to carry out more advanced calculations. Droid48 is a very comprehensive tool, with some decent graphics and many options for carrying out all types of operations quickly and accurately.


If you've never used a scientific calculator, you'll need someone to show you (at least, to some extent) its characteristics and functions. If not, you may find it pretty complicated when it comes to understanding all the features this tool offers. If you're already used to this type of calculator, you won't have any issues with Droid48.

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by Cecília

May 27, 2015

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