droid48sx : The HP48 sx emulator!

    HP48sx is a vintage RPN calculator. I used this calc 20 years ago ;-) I love this calc....and now I can have it in my pocket every day!

    No nag, no Ad, completely FREE!

    Droid48sx is a modified version of droid48 but for HP48SX, credit goes to Arnaud Brochard (author of droid48) and of course Eddie C. Dost - author of x48 - (See

    Tested on galaxy s2, nexus4 5 and 7.

    Droid48sx CHANGELOG
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    - 30 Jan 2016
    * Intended to work from android 2.2 to 6.x on armeabi, armeabi-v7a, arm64-v8a, mips, mips64, x86 and x86_64 architectures
    * New amazing skin, should be more readable on big screens
    * New action bar with icons and menu when touching HP48sx screen
    * New icon
    * Complete fullscreen for android 4.4, 5.x and 6.x

    - 24 Aug 2015
    * Corrected port2 settings
    * Haptic feedback disabled by default, but can be re-enabled

    - 26 Jan 2014
    * Corrected "put program on stack" bug
    * Corrected FC bug on android 4.3
    * Corrected random freeze on android 4.4
    * Data files are now stored on /sdcard/Android/data/org.czo.droid48sx/files (please copy your old files from /sdcard/.droid48sx)
    * Menu is displayed when touching HP screen
    * New menu : Save checkpoint (saves a backup copy of hp48/ram/rom/port1/port2)
    * New menu : Restore checkpoint (restores the backup copy of hp48/ram/rom/port1/port2)
    * New menu : Full reset (deletes firmware/ram and deactivate ports, if calc is still hung, please

    - 7 Nov 2012
    * first release

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