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"...great for beginning screenwriters... full-featured [and] good-looking..."
--New York Times

Write a classic today!

DubScript Screenplay Writer is the easy, powerful screenwriting app that works with Plain Text (Fountain), Final Draft (FDX), PDF, Trelby, and Celtx (.html).

To get started, create a new script. No active Internet connection is needed. You can also open scripts from email, Google Drive, Box.net, and other cloud services.

Then... just write! Don't bother indenting or waste time manually identifying characters, action lines, parentheticals, or scene headings. Simply write naturally in plain text.

Next comes the magic: With a single swipe, DubScript formats your plain text script into standard screenplay presentation! Now you can output to PDF, Final Draft (.FDX), HTML, or print to the cloud.

Ready to share your blockbuster? Tap the Share button to forward to your agent or create an off-device backup for yourself.


DubScript uses the intuitive Fountain system, the easy way to write quickly without dealing with the usual "screenwriting software" formatting stuff that gets in your way. Pro screenwriter John August (unaffiliated with DubScript, BTW) who helped create the open Fountain standard explains how it works: https://goo.gl/9WhkaJ

In short, write something "screenplayish" into the editor and you should be good-to-go! (The full Fountain syntax is here: http://fountain.io/syntax )


Dozens of pro features include:

➕ Edited screenplays are just normal plain-text, suitable for copy/pasting into other apps
➕ Import from industry-standard Final Draft (.FDX) format to simple plain-text editing (Fountain)
➕ Export to PDF, .FDX, HTML, or print to a cloud printer.
➕ Title Page
➕ Dual-dialogue
➕ Emphasis in bold, underline, and italic
➕ Auto-page numbering
➕ Included fonts: Courier Prime, Courier Prime Sans, and others (thanks John August & company!)
➕ Advanced text editor offers undo/redo, spellcheck, auto-completion, copy/paste, voice-to-text or stylus input (w/device support), page breaking, center text, find/replace, adjustable font faces & sizes, hard-keyboard shortcuts (save, copy/paste, auto-uppercase, etc.), Night mode" (white-on-black) and much more
➕ Hear scripts spoken out loud! (if your device supports text-to-voice)
➕ Statistics & reports (word count, page count, all scenes, all characters, etc.)
➕ “Rescue mode” saves internal backup every ~500 changed characters or so... just in case.


Testing builds are experimental but have the newest features and bug fixes. Feeling adventurous? Choose the beta channel releases right here in the Play Store.

Advanced features currently being tested:

➕ New: Save-direct-to-cloud ⛅ (details in app)
➕ New: Local multi-backups

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