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Application made to calculate some important electrical parameters. With three sub-applications you can get results on cable sizing, transformers and reactive power compensation.

Application for performing low-voltage power lines calculations, according to IEC International Standard.

Wire sizing is done based on three individually selectable options:
* Maximum current density is calculated according to IEC 60364-5-523 and Tables 52-X. Results show you detailed information about the tables and columns that are used to obtain the minimum section and the correction coefficients.
* According to the maximum voltage drop. This parameter calculation can be enabled or disabled.
* According to the current and short duration. This is calculated according to the IEC 60364-4-43.

The calculation is performed immediately, changing the data on one screen, so that the section required is shown as different parameters change.

In the results page you can change of the calculated section, so you can see the maximum line current, the voltage drop and maximum short circuit current for each selected section.

Calculates all values ​​of power and current in a group of up to four transformers working alone or in parallel. Values that can be modified are: power demand, rated power, rated voltage and short-circuit voltage.

Used to perform the calculation of reactive power that is needed to get a desired power factor.

All calculation results can be saved to the sd card or send by e-mail.

The application is ideal for engineers and electricians who want to perform calculations on site in an immediate way.

We appreciate all comments and suggestions to further improve or correct the application.

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