Electrical Wiring Lite



Partial subset of Electrical Wiring Pro functionality.

Version 5.0 fixes problems some LG phones were experiences. Other brands did not have problems.

- Pire Wheel/Ohms Law
- Conduit Offset/3pt saddle
- Ampacity Sizing
- Residential Load - Standard and Optional Methods
o Demand Load in VA and Amps, Neutral Current
o Copper and Aluminum Service, Neutral, GEC, EGC conductors
- Ground Wire Sizing
- Box Fill
- Conduit Fill
- Voltage Drop
- Burial Depth
- Motor electrical/components

Upgrade to Pro version > 4x # of tools, more functionality,
more updates, as well as full screen functionality on all tools for more screen real estate. There are, and will be
many more, a richer set of features on the Pro version than the Lite.

Essential Electrician tools.

2008 NEC & 2009 Canadian Electrical Code

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