Electrician's Helper



Electrician's helper provides many useful calculators and converters for electricians and anyone working with power distribution.

Both the NEC and CEC codes are covered.

With Electrician’s Helper you can...

● Calculate voltage, current and power in 3 phase delta and wye circuits.
● Find the ampacity of a conductor as per the NEC and CEC tables.
● Calculate the voltage drop in a line based on length, size, current and temperature.
● Find the total box fill by entering the size and number of conductors, straps and clamps.
● Find the maximum number of conductors allowed in a particular size raceway based on NEC and CEC rules.
● Determine what size raceway is needed for a bundle of conductors.
● Find the maximum bend radius of a conduit.
● Find the maximum capacitor kvar for a motor and the current reduction obtained.
● Find the motor current, heater current, breaker required, wire size, starter and conduit size for a particular 3 phase motor.
● Find the full load current of an induction, squirrel cage, and synchronous motor.
● Calculate voltage, current and kVA values for single and three phase transformers.
● Find the locked rotor current of a single or 3 phase motor.
● Do basic Ohm’s law calculations.
● Find decimal equivalents of fractions.
● Convert temperature scales.
● Look up connector configurations.

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