EMS HVAC Load Calculator



This HVAC load calculation program is accurate and easy to use. However, expect a learning curve with the first few calculations.

The EMS load calculation app has been developed using sound engineering principles as prescribed by ACCA's Manual J and ASHRAE's "Handbook of Fundamentals".

The only HVAC load calculation app designed exclusively for the change-out market. Contractors, salespeople and service technicians can perform a load in minutes to determine the correct equipment size and show the customer the financial benefits of moving up to higher efficiency equipment.

Once a load calculation is performed it may be stored on your android device and given to your customer or permitting department via e-mail or printed.

No other load calculator app offers as many features at such a great price:
• Performs whole house heat gain and heat loss calculation (Block Load) for any location on earth
• Blower door results may be entered
• Window manufacturer's specs may be used
• Any R-value may be entered for walls, floors or ceilings
• Multiple duct configurations, locations, insulation values, and leakage rates may be selected
• Estimates and compares operating cost of one system to another (using natural gas, oil, LP gas, heat pump or electric resistance heat)
• Gives return on investment
• Shows payback
• Play "what if" when adding insulation, changing efficiencies or energy sources
• Prints or emails a PDF report to submit with your permit application or include in your proposal

Other EMS products available at www.johnrwnite.net :

EMS load calculator (desktop version) includes room-by-room, basements, duct sizing and equipment selection.

"Guide to Passing the HVAC Exam"

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