Encryption (Krypto)



Krypto allows you to encrypt messages easily and reliably. The app combines several encryption algorithms.
This serves the purpose of sending encrypted messages through insecure or critical communication channels, such as Messengers (WhatsApp, Facebook, Skype,...), (pseudo-encrypted) chat programs or unencrypted e-mail.

- secure encryption
- simple, intuitive GUI
- free of ads!
- absolutely no permissions for increased security

1.) Fill in the password
2.) Fill in your encrypted or clear-text message
3.1) Tap on the blue shield to encrypt your message
3.2) Tap on the red shield to decrypt your message

*) Use the wrench for copying, pasting or sharing your message.

You can increase the strength of the encryption by encrypting your already encrypted message again and again (use respectively different passwords).

If you have any ideas, criticism (e.g. my bad english) or suggestions for improvements, just drop me a mail at krypto@mh-programming.de – it would be especially nice, before you rate this app with 1 star.

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