Enrichment Calculator



a tool for winemakers. It allows in years with poor maturity to calculate the added sugar, which is necessary for the stability of the wine. There are two calculators in the program, one for white musts, the second to red wine mash. Here, the selection of different yield levels is possible. Default is 85%, the selection ranges from 50 - 90%. The program is currently offered in German and English. It's using tree differenz sugar scales: Oechsle, KMW, and Brix. The switch from white to red wine must mash is a simple wipe to the left. The third page used for the setup: you can choose the sugar scale, the language and the volumetric measement unit.
I also calculates the estimated alcohol concentration after adding sugar, with different fomulas for white and red wine.
For hints and wishes for new features fill free to contact me with email.

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