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Entomologist Mobile/Trac is an open-source client for Trac 0.12 or higher bug trackers. It is released under the GPL, and is in active development.

IMPORTANT: Your Trac install must have the XMLRPC plugin (http://trac-hacks.org/wiki/XmlRpcPlugin) installed! You can verify that by going to your Trac URL and adding "/rpc" to the end.

* View, modify and resolve bugs
* Add comments to bugs
* Optional notifications about modified bugs

Known issues:
* The title bar doesn't show up on Android 3.0+ devices.

If you encounter a bug or wish to file a feature report, please use our bug tracker: http://trac.entomologist-project.org

If you want to download the source code, or get involved with the project, all information is at: http://www.entomologist-project.org

Tags: trac , mobiletracapp , iletrac

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