Errand List



-- Errand List is Your Virtual Errand List! --

Errand list is a simple app that helps you maintain an errand list right on your Android smartphone!

Don't waste time emailing a list of errands to yourself! Just use this app to keep your errand list right on your phone.

Usage Instructions:

-- To add an Errand to your Errand List --

1) Enter the name of the new errand into the text box at the bottom of the screen
2) Click the Add To List button to add your new errand to the errand list!

-- To remove an Errand from the Errand List --
1) Press and hold on the errand you'd like to remove from the errand list
2) Keep holding down for 3 seconds, and the item will be removed from the list!

-- Feature requests for Errand List --

Do you have a feature that you would like to see added to Errand List? Please let us know! We want this to be the best errand list app you've ever used, and we hope to be able to replace your paper/email errand list system entirely!

If there's anything at all that's keeping you from using and enjoying Errand List as much as you could be, please let us know! We love to add new features.

-- Bug reports for Errand List --

If you experience any issues while using Errand List, please let us know! Our email is listed on the Errand List profile page in the Play Store. Please include the make and model of your phone, and the version of Android that you're running Errand List on.

Thanks for checking out Errand List! We hope you love this app.

PS: Please leave us a great review if you love this app!

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