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Expense Manager allows you to manage your expenses in a handy way

  • Design: Minimalism, Holo-layout
  • Ese of use: add entries in a matter of seconds
  • Full-featured
  • Homescreen widgets and dashclock integration
  • Can't create custom categories
  • Can't attach photos to entries

"Spendaholic? This is the antidote!"

Home economics gives some headaches not because they are complicated but because they are difficult to control. This could be over once and for all thanks to Expense Manager, a simple app which helps you keep track of your expenses and reach your saving goals.

Before you leave this page saying "Yet another expense manager" I recommend you to give it a chance. If you have tried other expense manager apps already you probably know that make you stop using them is the difficult to input data. Too many steps, too detailed info. That's over with Markus Hintersteiner's Expense Manager.

It's set in a handy minimalistic interface that makes data input and navigation insultingly easy. Launch the app, press the button, add the amount, select the preset category, select the date and add a note. That's it. Less than 10 seconds to create a new entry.

Expense Manager keeps that fifty-fifty ratio of intuitiveness and beauty. Holo-style layout that provides an easy access to the different sections that make up the app, right from the swipable left-side menu. Thus, you can easily get the "Overview" of your weekly/monthly/yearly expenses, the "History" of expenses, the point you are in your "Budget" goals and some statistics (Pro version).

Beyond ease of use and outstanding design, Expense Manager has a lot of "extras" you may not notice at first sight: homescreen widgets, dashclock integration, spreadsheet export, expenses grouping and many other you may discover as you try the app.

Highly recommended.

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