Explorer manages your files quickly and intelligently by sorting your files according to their category: music, images, videos, themes, document, apk file, zipped filed and so on. The specially designed Bluetooth folder also enables you to pick up the file you received via Bluetooth. With the build-in Wi-Fi feature allows you to get full control of your files on your PC.
    1. File sorting;
    2. File category management;
    3. Wireless file transfer.

    * Cut, copy, paste and cancellable progress dialog
    * List and grid view for file browsing
    * Compress and decompress support
    * Search and share files
    * Multiple selection and sorting support
    * File Manager -- Operate files (Multiple select, Copy, Paste, Cut/Move, Create, Delete and Rename, Search/Share/Send, Hide, Shortcut, Bookmark) in the phone and computers
    Complete file system management
    - USB, SD and other external media
    - Network Connectable (FTP, SFTP, SMB/Samba/Windows/Lan/WIFI)
    - Text Editor (Tabbed, Multiple Document Interface)
    - Smart Folders that scan for different types of media (Videos, Photos, Music, Downloads)
    - View Pager directory navigation (swipe right to go up a directory)
    - Superuser/Root ability to list/read system folders (no system write yet)
    Features to come:
    - More Networking capability (Dropbox,, Sky drive)
    - Offline file structure cache, will remember which files you have in different places without needing to connect
    - Disk space heat map shows where your biggest files are

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