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Expo Apprentice is the perfect tool for those who frequent multi-display venues such as:
Product Expositions
Job Fairs
Business Expositions
Entertainment Expositions
Collectors Expositions
Education Fairs
Flea Market

Designed for use without the need of external (online) synchronization, Expo Apprentice is your all-in-one organizer of Contacts, Photos, Documents, Tasks and Notes surrounding the Expo.

Set Tasks to prepare you for the Expo.
Make Notes to remind you of information about the Expo
Share Contact information and Documents with Booth representatives or their parent organizations.
Take and Store photos from exhibits and products at the Booths you visit.
Place a Value on that Booth (ie if you are buying or they are offering something you want)
Review your collected data to ensure efficient response to appointments and completion of tasks.
Rank Booths and Expos for later review.
Archive Expos for later reference.
Backup your Database.
Restore your Database.

To utilize all functions of Expo Apprentice, be certain that you install on a device which has the ability to:
Send SMS Text Messages
Connect to the internet (during or after an Expo) for Email function.

Expo Apprentice is the Free version of Expo Assistant. The only limitation is that you may only store 1 Exposition (and it's Booths). Expo Assistant can store as many Expos as your device can hold!

Special Thanks to Khobaib C.

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