EZ-Resistor is a lightweight, fast resistance calculator. With lightning-fast startup and calculation times, it makes circuitry calculations a breeze. EZ-Resistor offers a color-code calculator: simply enter the resistance you want and instantly calculate the colors of the resistor you need. No more searching through outdated tables and charts!

Alternatively, you can input the color code of an unknown resistor, and EZ-Resistance will instantly tell you the resistance value.

A quick and handy tool for engineers, ECT students, and hobbyists who work with circuits! Offers conversions between resistance values and the colored resistor bands, as well as a handy calculator for series or parallel resistor circuits.

Resistance to Color

Input a desired resistance, and EZ-Resistor will display the correct color bands for that resistance!

Color to Resistance

Enter the four colors of an unlabeled resistor and EZ-Resistor will tell you exactly what resistance value it is, complete with the tolerance range!

Equivalent Resistance

You can also input two resistor values and their units and EZ-Resistor will return the equivalent resistance of the selected combination of resistors!

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