Good bye paper, hello EzEstimator. The EzEstimator calculates how much time a housecleaning job will take. How much to charge. It is first of its kind. It is designed for maids, janitors, and housekeepers. This is a free APP, which allows the user to calculate a bid straight from a cell phone. It works while the user is on the phone. No need for Internet or membership dues. Its free.

The EzEstimator is a calculator which is designed for house-cleaners that need to know how much to bill the customer. It estimates how many man hours and how much to charge using categories. The categories include: kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, sitting rooms, people, pets, and distance. It then calculates the data. Currently the APP is only available for Android 2.3.3 or above and on-line at www.ROFHT.com/maids. The EzEstimator free version will continue to be free and updated regularly. All comments and reviews will mold the APP to better serve the Cleaning Industry. The idea of having a free maids calculator is from trail and error of Rocking Robin's Maids in Corydon, Indiana. The free version helps anyone with house-cleaning pricing.

The developer, ROFHT will soon be releasing a pro version. The Pro version will be fully editable with an easy to understand concept. In the future the EzEstimator will be available for all platforms. It will include: Emailing a bid from the users phone. Using a professional proposal with a logo and company name. Saving and editing customers. Editing the pay rate and time. Adding categories and deleting them. And finally choosing styles for the proposal.

It is the first of many version to come. Other Versions will include janitor, construction, window washing, and carpet cleaning. The EzEstimator will be available to use for anyone needing to calculate a bid.

One of the hardest concepts is pricing. Knowing what to charge people and still be able to grow. The second concept is to look professional with paperwork. The EzEstimator is designed to do both. Sending a professional proposal and calculating a bid straight from the users phone. Johnny Clark, owner of ROFHT is the programmer and developer of the EzEstimator.

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