Filter Backwash Spreader



There are times that the filter backwash setpoints need to be adjusted so backwash occurs evenly. This app will assist the user in calculating the new setpoints for each filter to spread out the filter backwash events.

You begin by entering filter runtime or filter backwash setpoint. Then enter all current filter hours for each filter. The app will automatically sort out the hours and allocate first priority to the filter with the longest run hour. Use the new backwash setpoint for each filter until they all finished backwashing. After each backwash, reinstate the backwash setting to its original setpoint until they all have the same setpoints.

This app was created to be used by the developer for personal use. You are free to download and install this app in a condition that you will be responsible for the accuracy of the result. The developer will not be responsible for any loss/damage as a result of misuse of this app.

The developer can be contacted here: for any feedback/comments/questions.

Tags: spreeder