Fixed Form Sentence



This is insert fixed form sentence app.
Supports calls from the mushroom Simeji.
You can also choose where to paste the call even when alone.

Supports input E-mail, Twitter, etc.

Canned after registration,
call from mushroom> Select Category> select sentence
call from launcher> Select Category> select sentence

If the editors can edit and then press the boilerplate boilerplate object in the selection screen.

Also, you can also edit the boilerplate on the PC.

How to edit from your computer:

1. Menu selection screen terminal Category> Import

2. Press the Export button (which creates /sdcard/FixedFormSentence/data.csv file.)

3. Connected by USB to a PC terminal, mount the SD card

4. On the PC, the file was created in 2 (/sdcard/FixedFormSentence/data.csv), etc. Open a text editor, append / edit
※ ["]CSV file is enclosed. Character Code UTF-8.

5. Un-mount the SD card, press Export button on the file import / export.
※ Overridden by the ID that you filled in CSV, is added.

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