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Formable Calculator is a scientific calculator that can define variables and evaluate expressions.
it's designed to calculate problems in science, engineering, and mathematics.

You can also create a formula file and open the saved file to reuse the forms you created before.

Pro version has been released. it can draw charts and define long name variables.

tags: Formula Calculator, Electrical Engineering, Scientific Calculator, engineers, memory variables

Flick keyboard to left/right to toggle key functions

Many operations need parentheses.

Update Histories:
Bug fixes

Added clear button
Added auto savings
Added variable history (tap selected textbox)

Bug Fixes
added history list
Show Ad for this free edition

Fixed convert engine.

From this version, the formula file format(.fml) is going to be deprecated. New file format .fpr is introduced in order to integrate the file format between Pro version of Formable Calculator and this Normal version.
You can open the old .fml files with this version, but you cannot save your formula file as .fml format any more.
v0.3.8 Fixes for Trackball
v0.3.6 fixed fatal error for devide operation.
v0.3.4:Fixed cursor invisible problem for Android 4
Introduced new syntax parser.
v0.3.2: Change base of log to 10
v0.3.1: Default Device Preferences
v0.3.0: Some fixes for Android 2.3.x
rename to Formable Calculator
v0.2.8: Degree argument for trigonometric functions
rename to ReCalculator
v0.2.7: long press for backspace, next/previous cursor move
v0.2.6: Output Properties
v0.2.5: fixes for power expression like 2.32^-32
v0.2.4: Support SI Prefix and Unit for Variables
v0.2.3: add new file menu item
bug fixes for save dialog
v0.2.2: remember save/open directory.
v0.2.1: Add support for Android2.3

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