Formulator makes it very easy to manage and manipulate your everyday data and numbers. It is a simplified spreadsheet app re-imagined for tablets and mobiles.

Formulator's building blocks are simple form-style worksheets, an intuitive formula editor and extensive cross-referencing capabilities. These allow you to edit and save your data in cohesive chunks and then easily combine data from different worksheets.

Formulator is equally suited for day-to-day tasks like tracking expenses or for performing complex mathematical or scientific calculations.

Major Features:

* Group worksheets into workbooks; copy worksheets or even entire workbooks; move worksheets across workbooks

* Lock and hide workbooks and worksheets to prevent further changes to them

* Search across workbooks and worksheets

* Reference data across workbooks without losing current editing context

* Add notes to workbooks, worksheets or individual worksheet lines

* Set precision at the worksheet level and/or for individual worksheet lines

* Create formulas of any length; smart-editing features; a broad set of functions: Basic, Numeric, Statistic, Duration, Conversion, Trigonometric

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