Galaxy Note 2 - Revealed !



Galaxy Note II - Revealed!

Get the most from this truly fabulous device. Here are some 240+ demos, guides, tutorials, tips & tricks.

The first 14 are ready to go and you can choose which others you wish to add at anytime.

Sample guides:
Draw something with s-pen
speed sketch SURPRISE with s-pen
Galaxy Note and s-pen GREAT FUN
S-note Drawing a baseball player
new moon wolf fun with S-pen
Screen recorder Girls face speed sketch
II Sketch something with the new S-pen-stylus
Galaxy new Note 2 In Love Live speed sketch
Draw something with II
Parrot Painting with S-pen
Butterfly painting with S-pen
Galaxy note II awesomeness Speed sketch S-pen stylus
New Galaxy Note 2 Cute Kitten Speed sketch
Commercial Advertisement
II vs Galaxy S III
Top 5 Android 41 Jellybean Features
4 Quick Tips on the S Pen
II S Pen Lesson
Galaxy Note 2 S-Pen Features Details Redesigned 8mm Grip Optimized Apps Hovering More
Galaxy Note2 S Pen Lesson - Androidizen
S Pen S Note Features Review
II First Hands-on Features Review S Pen Jellybean IFA 2012
S-Pen AirView Hover For Web Browsing Must Have Feature on
Digital Painting - Speed Painting - S-Pen
S Pen Apps - II
S Pen Demo - Tutorial
Recommended Apps for the S Pen on the Samsung Galaxy Note
Why The Is Better Than Your Phone If you dont have one 3D UI
N7100 S Pen Review Tips and Tricks - iGyaan HD
101 N8000 N8010 S-Pen Features and Demo
Samsung Galaxy S II 2 Handwriting
How to plan for the year with the II
Office Upgrade
How to create memorable moments with the II
How to interact with children using the II
Samsung Galaxy S Beam - Santas Work Trip
Family Photo
GALAXY Note II Wreck-it Ralph Challenge

How to enhance taking and sharing photos with II
How to multitask using the II
GALAXY Note II Official TV Commercial - Art Show
II with BMW
GALAXY Note II Official TV Commercial - Social Network
LeBrons Day with the II 60 second
Enhanced Entertainment - II
Safari Imaginaire
II Australian launch event
II song collaboration
II - Spot Tv Octubre 2012
GALAXY Note II Design Performance Display - Official Hands-on
GALAXY Note II Multitasking - Official Hands-on
GALAXY Note II Expression Tools 1 - Official Hands-on
GALAXY Note II Expression Tools 2 - Official Hands-on
GALAXY Note II More Smart Features - Official Hands-on
II - Film produit
Samsung Apps Tutorial VideoGALAXY Note II
Samsung Moblers GALAXY Note II
GALAXY Note II Official TV Commercial
2 - UX
vs Apple iPhone 5 1080p HD Video Test
Galaxy Note 2 multi-window
Galaxy Note 2 - Marble White vs Titanium Gray
GALAXY Note II Introducing II
II S Pen features Korean
II Unboxing Hands On
- Drop Test
First Impressions Benchmarks
vs Galaxy Note 1 - Features Specifications Design More
Tips Tricks Episode 1 Access Notification Bar in Any App
Tips Tricks Episode 2 Screen Too Bright Get Screen Filter App
Tips Tricks Episode 3 Where to get Polaris Office Samsung Apps
Tips Tricks Episode 4 Get Better Battery Life Best Charging Practices
Tips Tricks Episode 5 Stop keyboard from popping up on Android
Tips Tricks Episode 6 Move Multitasking Tab Amazon App Store
Tips Tricks Episode 7 Different LED Flashlight Levels Screen Capture
Tips Tricks Episode 8 Flip Case Control App Review
Tips Tricks Episode 9 Smart Stay Samsung Anycall Service AS Center
Tips Tricks Episode 10 How to take photos with blurry background DOF
Tips Tricks Episode 11 Write Notes During A Call Auto Send Reminder
Tips Tricks Episode 12 Anti Shake Image Stabilization Video In-Depth

And many many more

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