Gate to the Notebooks of RL

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    Gate to the Notebooks of RL

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    ☞ About the "Gate to the Notebooks of RL®"

    ☼ This is a gate-type application. You can go to the "Notebooks of the Rainbow-Link", a web application, easily.

    The "Notebooks of the the Rainbow-Link" is a set of online notebooks.
    - Business Notebook
    - Cash Book
    - MailReader (RapidMailReader)

    ✔ Why using the "Notebooks of the Rainbow-Link"
    - You canLock Double your account.
    - Whole data and whole login-log is stored.
    - All mails are saved. In other words, your saved mail are not deleted automatically. This point is different from the "RapidMailReader of the Rainbow-Link".

    ✈ More Information about "Notebooks of the Rainbow-Link"

    ☞ How to use

    (1) RL-Start-Steps ( Free of charge/Input your EmailAddress and Name )
    → (2) Pay
    → (3) Start to use!

    ☞ Check the design of this Notebook
    Before buying this app, you can check the design of this app. (Added on Nov 30,2011 )
    (1) Open this app
    (2) Click the Arrow-Button

    You can use all 5 designs by this app
    - Classical Business-Notebook ( This Application's default )
    - Kawaii
    - Default
    - Metal
    - White

    ☞ Check our Server Maintenance Information
    If our servers under maintenance, the maintenance time is displayed on this page.

    We tell users the date and time of maintenance beforehand and we hear their wishes. In the case that this service suddenly stopped by our accident or clumsiness, we extend the application period for free for the same period of having stopped our service.

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