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Like an English editor in your pocket - spelling and grammar checker

  • Grammar checking as well as spelling
  • Translator and dictionary
  • Attractive minimal design
  • I encountered serious connection issues
  • No autocorrect
  • Must compose within the app itself

"Your grammar needs a fixer-upper"

Ginger is a neat idea for an editorial tool that got the grammar nerd in me all jazzed before I began. Not only does it offer standard spelling correction, but also scans your text for grammatical correctness plus general high-quality writing. It'll notice low-level phrases that you've included and suggest other more eloquent or simply clearer ways to say it. I encountered two issues that kept me from loving it, however. First, the app had continual connection problems, which admittedly could be on my end, but it's the only app of mine that seems to have an issue. Second, if you activate the Ginger keyboard, it deactivates the autocorrect in your phone, which definitely makes you more prone to silly typing errors. You have to compose inside the app for it to work; the functionality would be far more useful if you could give it permission to enter in other composition apps (like your email) and allow it to suggest from there.

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Jun 18, 2014

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