Gooaall!! aims:
1. to lead You in achieving Your goals,
2. to keep You in an effective work flow,
3. to boost your productivity.

In a very core concept you divide the goal in small parts (tasks) and these in yet smaller parts (works).
You go to the final goal in a series of cycles:
1. working (typically 10 - 30 mins),
2. assessing results.

Gooaall!! is an extremly simple but a powerful system.
It lets You focus on the real work and (behind You) manages the rest:
a. low priority tasks,
b. handle distractions,
c. handle procrastinating, lazyness,etc ...

For the best effects to achieve goals use (beside the application Gooaall!!) equally simple:
1. "work flow" poster,
2. project cards.
All these are available on

Gooaall!! can be used for a project managment as well as Your time managment.
In this way it's similar to tools like GTD or Pomodoro but in Gooaall!! things seem to be simpler and more result oriented.

Beside main aims, You can easly use Gooaall!! as a daily log, as a focus booster, work timer and in other uses.

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