Google Developer Console




    Are you a Google Play App Developer? If you are. You need this app
    As a Developer for Google Play, you will need lots of tools for monitoring, analyzing apps for our App, Controlling Developing Schedule, etc.

    Note that This is NOT GOOGLE PLAY MARKET! This app is console for Developers who sell their app in Google Play Market. You can not purchase or navigate app in this CONSOLE App.

    - Simple Google Play Web Console App that will guide you through Google Play web console
    - Just "a Shortcut" for Google Play for your convenience having switching & navigation buttons on top of it.
    - It's very simple, fast and accurate.
    - Once logged in, You don't need to re-login your Google Play.
    - When returning, just press RELOAD button to refresh page.
    - It is only mini web browser for special purpose, so I don't have any your personal information at all.
    - What you see is real Google's Google site mobile web page, so do not worry about security.

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