GPSTrak uses your Android device's GPS to show your current location and bearing on a map. It displays the distance and bearing to a fixed location and can mark your travel path.

- The GPSTrak location marker indicates your current location overlaid on a continuously updating map. The marker arrow points in your direction travel.
- You can easily place "Flags" at any location on the map.
- There is a "Breadcrumb" feature that allows you to drop a crumb at selected time intervals, marking your current location. When enabled, crumb dropping continues even when the app is closed or device locked.
- The GPS is turned off between crumbs to reduce battery usage.
- Maps are continuously updated using your device's data connection – Wi-Fi or cellular. GPSTrak can use stored off-line map data. It will show your current location, flags, and breadcrumbs in their proper relative orientations and scaled distances on a plain background if no map data is available.
- Panels showing detailed information about your current location, markers, and GPS satellite information can be displayed.
- The panels and "Quick Control Bar" can be repositioned on the screen.

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