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"That which is measured, improves." - Business proverb.

If you are serious about a habit or a goal then measuring your performance is crucial.
Habit Goal Monitor is a simple habit tracker app that makes it quick and easy to record your habits and goals as you do them, and gives you an instant scorecard/report/rating of how you measure up over time.
Habit Goal Monitor is about recording actions and providing feedback with the minimum number of clicks. It allows you to efficiently incorporate habit and goal tracking into your day by using your mobile.

Examples of habits and goals that you could use this app for are:
-I have a limit of 3 coffees per day
-I will do exercise 3 times per week
-I will floss my teeth twice a day
-I will have pills twice a day
-I have a limit of 8 cigarettes per day
-I have a limit of 4 takeaway meals per week
-I have a limit of 5 drinks per week

This app is different from other habit tracker or chain apps because:
-Highly detailed widgets allow you to see habits stats and input progress straight from the home screen.
-Your ratings include more than a streak or chain count. You are measured by your overall adherence, streak, best streak, and recent adherence.
-You can set multiple highly customizable alarm reminders per habit. Configure excluded days, repeating periods, reminder sounds and notification masking.
-You are not locked into the habit configuration when you create it. You can change its parameters any time.
-You can define a habit or goal as "do something" or "have a limit of something".
-Your habit or goal can be do (or limit of) X once, twice... up to 999 times over a period. You are not confined to simple "I did this" or "I didn't do this" responses at the end of the day.
-You can input your progress as you perform actions. You don't have to remember what happened and input it that night or the next day.
-if you already track habits and have data you can create a backdated habit and fill in the data. No need to start from scratch.
-You can change the display order of Habits.

Pro Version:
This PRO version gives you unlimited habits, plus cool home screen widgets. The homescreen widgets allow you to see your stats and input actions directly from the homescreen and without opening the app.

****Sorry at the moment this app doesn't import the data from the free version. You will have to re-enter your habits.****

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