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  • Lovely 8bit and RPG inspiration
  • More features and customization option would be welcomed
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"Final boss: call mum"

Reviewed by / Aug 19, 2013

A to-do app for nerds

Time ago, there was a comicbook about a nerd who took his daily job in the office as if he was playing his favorite roleplaying game, it was much like Knights of the Dinner Table or Dork Tower, so to speak. Now, OCDevel thinks that there are many of us who think to ourselves in that nerd terms, or at least that it'd be useful to do so to achieve certain goals. It'd be like transactional coaching taken in a more fun way. In the end, we mere mortals can procrastinate, but our 18th lvl paladin wouldn't.

That is. It's a to-do app, presented in a lovely 8bit user interface that invites to add new "quests" (tasks) to earn experience points and get items, hence enhancing this app's recurrence.

We'd like to see more themes, as a sci-fish one, for example. Anyway, it's an original and very nerdy way to customize your Android and manage your life when you're snowed under it.

Developer's original description available here
HabitRPG is a habit-building program which treats your life like a Role Playing Game. Level up as you succeed, lose HP as you fail, earn money to buy weapons and armor, compete with your friends.

https://habitrpg.com (the website) has been around for about one year, and has additional features such as guilds, parties, pets, random drops, tags, difficulty settings, etc. We're going to be pulling in features bit-by-bit into the mobile app - but we wanted to get this initial release out there so people can start using it, and hopefully contributing (open source at https://github.com/habitrpg/habitrpg-mobile). If you experience bugs, please jump into https://github.com/habitrpg/habitrpg-mobile/issues. Android 2.3.x users - we'll enable for devices once we can fix the CSS / Angular issues found at http://goo.gl/p9x2Pz

Content CC-BY-SA 3.0 from Mozilla BrowserQuest & Little Workshop.

Recently changed in this version

Fix "can't check of dailies" bug

Comments and ratings for HabitRPG
  • (59)

    by Cate Burlington on 16/01/2015

    HabitRPG is great, this app sucks. Often hugely slow (like, it often takes 3-4 seconds for each tap to take effect) and I've had several incredibly annoying synch errors where things I've entered on my mobile are then disappeared when over-written by logging into the website. Going to uninstall this and try that third party app. Save yourself a headache--do not install this app.

  • (59)

    by Sabine Futura on 16/01/2015

    I heard it might be useful in motivating me to do things as I suffer from depression & anxiety, and the idea is great, but it just kept killing my character every 2 days or so and that just made me think "why am I even bothering?"

  • (59)

    by Jay Steel on 16/01/2015

    I don't know what's up with the app now, but ever since the last update I can't see the guilds I'm in. Which sucks quite a bit. The app needs work, but it's mostly okay. The Apple app shows my guilds so at least I can do finish my dailies on one device.

  • (59)

    by Chris Saladin on 15/01/2015

    Great game for adult adhd. I havnt been this productive in at least a decade.

  • (59)

    by Allan Rumberger on 15/01/2015

    That's not a knock, really - there's just a lot of work that still needs to be done to get this thing up to snuff. Aside from missing features from the web app, the app is sluggish to the point of unusability at times (I haven't narrowed down yet when or why, but far too often I press something only to see it have no effect for up to ten seconds, no exaggeration). Anyway, if the user experience im

  • (59)

    by Logan Delozier on 14/01/2015

    I really enjoy using this app. The only thing that upsets me about it is how much the developers try and get your money. There are too many things that don't have a way of being unlocked by actually making progress with your goals. For an app developed by the community, I feel like someone is taking advantage of the money aspect. If you could at least tone it down a bit, that'd be great.

  • (59)

    by Brennen Maguire on 14/01/2015

    App is a good design and concept. It isn't as full as the Web version but that is to be expected. My suggestions are improving flow a bit by cutting down on number of taps it takes to get places. Also, the social and quest aspect of the game in general could use improving. The reward system is good but being able to see the benefits of new gear etc. would help build habits even faster. Great work

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