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Handy Construction Calculators

Handy Construction Calculators

10,000 - 50,000 downloads

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Android's Most Trusted Construction Calculator
70+ Professional Grade, Premium Tools
Full US or METRIC modes - Inputs and Outputs

Google Play Featured - DIY App
Featured by AT&T, Vodafone
15,000+ customers, Top 100 Productivity App

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Precision Inputs and Outputs
-US (Feet Inches Fraction)
-METRIC (Meter Millimeter)

What makes us better?
*US or METRIC modes - one simple setting lets you switch between modes with localized materials, size choices, inputs, outputs and rounding
*Easy to use
*Flexible inputs - advanced options, no need for mental math
*The most detailed outputs
*Experience - each construction calculator is battle tested and built with the input of hundreds of professionals
*Professional Grade calculator - for the Pro, Contractor, Builder, Estimator, Handyman, DIY, Home Improvement or Carpenter
*Diagrams help you master the inputs and outputs - no guesswork
*Built-in results sharing - text, email, copy/paste and more
*Clean and easy to use - no ads, crazy designs or other annoyances
*Consistently updated and supported
*We appreciate our customers. Have an idea or special need? Send us a note anytime!

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Below is a list of our 70+ construction calculators along with a few highlights to demonstrate the advanced features, inputs and outputs that we think make us the best for your construction projects.

* Attic Ventilation - Ventilation, Intake & Exhaust
* Advanced Rafters - Overhang, Ridge, Bird's Mouth, Common
* Simple Rafters
* Roofing Calculator - Gables, Drip Edge, Ridge Caps, Bundles, Underlayment
* Sheeting

* Balusters - Rake Angle, Centers, Spacing, Running Measurements
* Board Feet
* Floor Joists - OC Spacing, Running Measurements
* Wall Framing Calculator - Stud spacing, Studs & Plates, Advanced Algorithm
* Insulation - Batts & Blown
* Siding - Gables
* Squaring
* Stair Calculator - Constrain Run, Adjust Riser Results Realtime, Running Stringer Points

* Carpet & Vinyl Flooring
* Tongue & Groove Flooring
* Crown Molding
* Deck Boards - Diagonal & 90 Degree Layouts
* Demolition Waste - Building Type
* Drop Ceiling - Even Border Construction, All Materials
* Drywall Calculator - Room Dimension or Area, Ceiling, All Materials
* Finish Areas - Walls, Floor, Ceiling
* Paint - # Coats, Wall Type
* Tile Calculator - Field and Border, Diagonal or 90 Degree Layouts

* Amps/Watts/Volts Solver
* Amps Required for Circuit

* Backfill - Volume & Weight and Slope
* Excavation and Backfill - Specific excavated (with swell) and backfill (with compaction) material selection. Includes calculators specific to Basements, Footings and Trenches.
* Grade - Run/Drop or Slope
* Rebar Calculator - Beams & Columns with variable sizing and ties, Continuous footings, Weight.

* Round/Rectangle Concrete Calculator - Total Volume, Premix and Portland Options, Rebar
* Post Holes - Per Column & Total Calculations
* Asphalt Calculator - Variable Base Weight
* Paving Calculator - Variable Base, Subbase, Compaction
* Wire Mesh

* Brick & Block Wall Calculator - Bricks, Courses, w/wo Mortar

* Acreage
* Arc
* Arc Radius
* Cone
* Circle
* Cube
* Cylinder
* Pyramid
* Rectangle
* Rise/Run/Angle
* Sphere
* Trapezoid
* Triangle

* Tape Measure Feet Inches Calculator
* GPS Measure (experimental) - Measure one point to another
* Drill Bit & Pilot Hole Conversion

* Aggregate Calculator - Rectangle/Round - Variable Materials & Densities
* Drainage - Rational Equation

* Sq/Linear Ft Construction Cost Estimator
* Discount
* Margin & Gross Profit - Customer Price, Markup Profit, Project Overhead, Company Overhead
* Overtime - Regular, Overtime & Gross Pay
* Sales Tax
* Task Time
* Travel Time

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Comments and ratings for Handy Construction Calculators
  • (70 stars)

    by TI NA on 31/01/2014

    Very well designed, easy to use, well rounded "all around" app. Great for fast reference, and full job site measuring. Thank you guys. 10 stars from me-

  • (70 stars)

    by Randy S on 23/01/2014

    Just a great app for the true contractor with some of the quickest & best support out there.

  • (70 stars)

    by Steve Parker on 15/12/2013

    Very handy

  • (70 stars)

    by chris gwilliam on 11/12/2013

    Hw can u change it to m/mm

  • (70 stars)

    by Brenton Collins on 01/12/2013

    Two things I would love to see on this would be on the area have 2 or 3 decimal points for estimating cubic area, sometimes I have to find the cubic measurement of a small object and times that by the amount of them I have to estimate weight for a lift. a weight estimator as a rigger I need to estimate the weight of things alot concrete and steel timber ect it would be easy to incorporate and a g

  • (70 stars)

    by Davit Gharibyan on 05/09/2013

    Keeps getting better and better.

  • (70 stars)

    by Gordon Walters on 23/07/2013

    This is great program. I've only used It a few times an it is a time saver.