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    Networking, Marketing and Customer Service goes mobile.

    Increase your profits, and free up your time by effectively delivering quality marketing, customer service and training content on the run.

    What if we could help you;

    1.Increase your lead generation by 10%
    2.Improve your conversion rate by 10%
    3.Increase your client purchases by 10%
    4.Increase your average sale by 10%

    The result would be a 61% increase in the annual gross profit for your business.


    Designed to help you deliver powerful messages to clients and potential clients, this application an amazing marketing tool.

    Ours is not just an application, but an entire marketing system complete with how to guides, tutorials and marketing hints and tips. We show you how to access free tools to help you deliver simple yet powerful messages to prospective clients, existing clients and to train and educate clients and staff.

    Ideal for networking as well as promoting products and services this application is the delivery tool for a powerful marketing system. You are not simply buying an App, but an entire marketing model that backs it up.

    We put all of the best features of the web, video marketing, social media and affiliate marketing at your finger tips in an easy to use tool and include Step by Step examples of how to effectively use these tools in your business.


    Built to allow everyday business people to simply and effectively embrace technology and evolve your business to take advantage of it.

    Don’t let simplicity fool you. Our networking and marketing application is ideal for tech savvy social networkers and affiliate marketers.

    Delivering powerful content on the run is literally a few clicks away.

    Designed to automatically get you to build your contact base and client lists without you having to give it a second thought.


    Use it to better position your services with every client enquiry you receive, so that you increase your call conversion rate. By better positioning your business with new enquiries you can promote service over price to increase your margins.

    Provide immediate and effective follow-up for prospective and existing clients on the run.

    We give you more time on relationship building or for yourself by more effectively dealing with repetitive enquiry, service, training and education needs of clients and staff, in a matter of seconds.

    Simple to set-up and easy to use.

    We bring the best of the internet and put it in at the fingertips of everyday businesses.

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