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    Practice mental calculation in the hexadecimal system. After each exercise an interactive graph shows you what went wrong and which calculation took the most time to perform.

    The following exercises are available:

    - Addition
    - Substraction
    - Multiplication
    - Division
    - Decimal to hexadecimal conversion
    - Hexadecimal to decimal conversion
    - Mixed

    The app currently only supports tablet devices running Android 3 Honeycomb, but a free update will be made available which includes Android 2 support. Besides that there are a lot of features which I will be adding in the near future like:

    - hexadecimal clock
    - hexadecimal clock widget
    - hexadecimal calculator
    - mental calculation progress statistics
    - optional participation in worldwide highscore lists

    Let me know if there are other features you would like to see added.

    Check out Mencalc as well, the decimal brother of this application.

    Tags: mental calculation hexadecimal