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HexBinCalc is a calculator which displays a hexadecimal number, a binary number, and a decimal number at the same time!!
It's the best for use of radix(base) conversion.
This program is for programmer, hardware engineer.

The calculation range is 32 bits (from -2147483648 up to 2147483647), and the value exceeding this range cannot be inputted.

The calculation cannot perform calculation of a decimal point only integrally.
Truncate after the decimal point.

The priority of calculation is as follows.
1st:( , )
2nd:multiplying, dividing, NOT
3rd:addition, subtraction, AND, OR, XOR, XNOR

If a numerical value is before NOT, it will become the multiplication of the numerical value and NOT result.

delete: DEL key
all clear:C(red)key

bit shift: <<, >> key
numerical increment:INC
numerical decrement:DEC

Radio Button

Since a calculation result can be scrolled, a long formula can also be checked.

[Check of operation] SO-01B XPeria

* Please understand that it may not operate in addition to a check model of operation.

Please contact me, if there are a request, a bug, etc.

Thank you.

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