Holo Pack for Glowfly



Our new theme pack for Glowfly!

**ATTENTION** - You must have Glowfly for Android installed prior to installing this theme pack. Installing the theme pack alone will do nothing for you. Upon installing, you will not find it in your app launcher. Rather you will find a new set of theme options within the Glowfly settings app.

Based upon the new Android 4 (Holo) OS theme, we give you a new set of themes to use with Glowfly. The Holo Pack will be taking the place of our previous ICS theme pack for future development. Included in this theme pack are: Holo Light and Dark (w/inverted versions), Jelly Bean, red, orange, yellow, green, pink, grey, brown, blue, and purple.

We really hope you'll like the new Holo theme pack!

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