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Application of Property Audit offering many features:

Audit any property to get a Simulated Energy Label (like EPC, HERS, BER...),
Perform a comprehensive Dwelling Survey (and generate a detailed report -see below-),
Get bespoke recommendations to improve the Property audited,
Assess the Carbon footprint of a Household over a year,
Estimate the cost & saving of an Appliance over year,
Email an Energy Performance Survey Report (PDF files),
Find a WiKi module with Energy Savings Recommendations,
Enjoy our Daily News Channels relative to Property Energy Efficiency...

This is a standalone (no network connection required) and a non-subscription software.

This easy-to-use software has been designed to address the needs of Landlords, Homeowners, Estate Agents, Surveyors, Builders, Property Managers, Realtors, Solar PV Installers...

The report generated and the bespoke recommendations will detail the following items:

Reporting: Consumption
Total consumption: kWh/year
Total consumption (primary energy): kWh/year
Consumption per m² (primary energy): kWh/m²/year
Total CO2 emission : kg CO2/year
CO2 emission per m² : kg CO2/year
Home Assessment (primary energy consumption): kWh/m²/year
Home Assessment (CO2 emission): kg CO2/m²/year

Insulation: Roof, Wall, Windows, Window Shutters, Door, Ventilation, Bottom Floor, Floor & Thermal bridges.
Energy: Consumption & Production: Central heating, Programming and Control, Secondary heating, Back-up heating, Hot Water, Air conditioning, Sustainable energy.

Electricity: profiling
Electricity usage for your heating in cold season and/or Air conditioning in cooling season, Electricity usage for your hot water, Forced ventilation by electrical Energy.
Energy: Usage
T° comfort: your heating profile in cold season, T° reduced or during short absence: your heating profile in cold season, Air conditioning usage in hot season (average actual internal temp), Home insulation (roof, walls and glazing), Occupancy rate in heating season and / or cooling season, Lighting.

Reporting: Energy Consumption & Production details
Electricity: Consumption of 1 year (kWh)
Sustainable Electricity: Production of 1 year (kWh)
Energy except Electricity: Consumption of 1 Year
Energy except Electricity: Main energy & Units
Energy: Natural gas (City gas network): Consumption of 1 year
Energy Butane gas (tank): Consumption of 1 year
Energy Propane Gas (tank): Consumption of 1 year
Fuel: Consumption of 1 year
Wood Logs: Consumption of 1 year
Wood pellets or compressed logs : Consumption of 1 year
Wood chips: Consumption of 1 year
Coal: Your consumption of 1 year
District Heating: Your consumption of 1 year
Bio-Ethanol / Alcohol: Your consumption of 1 year

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