HVAC Psychrometrics Lite



HVAC Psychrometrics Lite is the perfect field tool for HVAC Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Students, Test and Balance technicians, commissioning technicians, or other HVAC professionals.

HVAC Psychrometric Lite calculates the psychrometric properties of a single air stream or condition based on the following:

- Altitude
- Dry Bulb Temperature

And either

- Dew Point Temperature
- Relative Humidity
- Wet Bulb Temperature

Calculated air properties include:

- Wet Bulb
- Humidity
- Dew point
- Enthalpy
- Humidity Ratio
- Specific Humidity
- Absolute Humidity
- Specific Volume
- Partial Vapor Pressure

Settings allow for either English or Metric input and output.

A new email tab allows for a calculated psychrometric reports to be emailed back to your email address. Just enter a psychrometric report description and hit email. Your email address is saved under settings so you only have to enter it once and it will be saved in the application. Emailing psychrometric reports to yourself or others is perfect for record keeping and putting together field reports.

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