The IdeaBoardz app is an extension of IdeaBoardz is a team collaboration tool that allows teams to collectively brainstorm, gather inputs, reflect and retrospect. It is especially useful for teams that are distributed geographically. It is also handy for teams to collect inputs over some days and then meet to discuss them. Most teams use IdeaBoardz to conduct Project Retrospective meetings.

It can be used for other types of brainstorming exercises such as six thinking hats, pros-cons, risks-opportunities. We ourselves are using it to gather feedback and new ideas for IdeaBoardz.

Using the IdeaBoardz app, you can add ideas and view Ideaboardz on the go, without the need to access a laptop/PC.

Use the IdeaBoardz app and give us feedback on how we can improve and extend it.
This app is developed by a bunch of ThoughtWorkers and we take this opportunity to to thank ThoughtWorks for enabling us to work on this project.

IdeaBoardz app Features:
➢ Add Idea.
➢ Delete Idea.
➢ Edit Idea.
➢ Vote for an Idea.
➢ View ideas added to each section, separately.
➢ View an IdeaBoard by clicking on the link (URL).
➢ View an IdeaBoard by entering board name and Id.
➢ Have a cache of 3 Boardz previously visited.

1. How do I edit an idea?
Clicking an idea takes you to a page where you can edit it.
2. How do I delete an idea or vote for an idea?
There are buttons on each idea to delete it or vote for it. You can delete an idea from the edit page also.
3. How to create an IdeaBoard?
An IdeaBoard can be created only through the website. On the mobile app, you can only access it and use it.
4. How to access an IdeaBoard?
It can be done in 2 ways, either by clicking on the link (URL) sent to you by someone or by entering the board name and ID, which you can see in the URL. Also if the board that you want to access is one of the 3 previously accessed boardz, then you can access it through “recent boards” on the home page.

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