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iDelegate is a project- and task management tool which helps you organize and easily assign tasks. You can delegate tasks for all your contacts and check on the progress of these tasks.

Your contacts can comment on those tasks and update the status of the task. Every contact you assign a task will be notified with email containing password to the iDelegate site. Your contacts can choose whether to comment and update the task via website or with their own free Android app.
• Assign tasks to your contacts
• Check on progress of these tasks
• Receive notifications on completed, expiring and late tasks
• Update task via website or Android app
• Sync to cloud and with multiple devices
• Quickly check today’s status on with the iDelegate Widget
• Filter and sort tasks with different criterias
• Exchange thoughts with task notes
• Get notified on starting tasks

You can create up to 20 free tasks for yourself or your contacts or yourself. If you need more tasks you can purchase more tasks in bundle of 10.

iDelegate as actively developed and new features are coming every couple months. You can propose your own suggestions by logging into iDelegate-website. Instructions are also available at:

I am updating this app all the time. Please send me suggestions on future features you would like to see or if you encounter a bug. Thank you.

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