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I.M.A. (Incoming Message Alert) uses an advanced yet simple filter engine to alert you to the messages you want, when you want, and ignore everything else. Silence your phone with confidence you will still get notified of important messages! This is the way Do Not Disturb was meant to be.

How it works:

Create an alert - decide if you want it to apply to incoming texts, phone calls, emails, or all three!

Apply Filters – Only want alerts for a particular contact? Or maybe just with a certain word in the subject or body of an email. It's all possible!

Stack em up! - combine multiple filters to create pinpoint accuracy. Use and/or logic to create filter groups.

Set the schedule – Decide if you want the filter to apply all the time, or only on a certain schedule.

Set and forget – Once the alert is created you can rest assured that no matter the state of your phone (vibrate, silent mode, or normal) I.M.A. will alert you when the filter is triggered.

I.M.A. lets you decide how you want to be notified when your phone is on vibrate or in silent mode: play the alarm tone (great way to wake yourself up!) or simply vibrate (get notifications in quite zones like a movie theater).

Take control of your incoming messages - get I.M.A today!

- Security and privacy are important: here is an explanation of the permissions required by the application:

(RECEIVE_SMS) Your Messages: needed to filter the text of incoming SMS messages

(INTERNET, ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE) Network Communication: needed to access email messages

(READ_CONTACTS) Personal Information: needed to determine if the incoming text/call/or email is from a particular contact you select

(READ_PHONE_STATE) Phone Calls: needed to filter incoming calls

(WAKE_LOCK) System Tools: needed to prevent the phone from sleeping while we filter new messages

(VIBRATE) Hardware Controls: needed to make the phone vibrate

(GET_ACCOUNTS) Your Accounts: needed to list the email accounts available for you to check

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