InstaDock Plus Unlocker



InstaDock Plus Unlocker:
This app will make available all the functionality of InstaDock Launcher.

Make sure you have the latest Android Market InstaDock Lite Free Version installed in your phone before purchasing; since InstaDock Lite and InstaDock Plus Unlocker work together to grant you all the Plus features.

InstaDock Plus Features:
✔ No more friendly reminders dialogs to upgrade
✔ Unlimited categorized apps
✔ Unlimited Categories in Favorites Widget
✔ Clean Memory and Kill Background Apps
✔ create/ restore categories and app configuration from backup
✔ Identify previously installed apps and restore them easily from the Market
✔ No more apps per category limit
✔ Full edition of categories: create, rename, remove
✔ Move launcher button left/right
✔ Choose your favorite Window Color
✔ Change Widget Mode: 2 Favorites, 2 Recents, 2 Favorites and 2 Recents
✔ Show/hide apps labels

InstaDock Widget works as an App Switcher and Apps Organizer
from your Main Home Screen.

It's designed for:
✔ Quick access to your favorites and recent apps
✔ Organize your apps into categories
✔ Keep Track of Background Memory Apps and Free your RAM
✔ Instant identification of recently installed/updated apps
✔ Backup/Restore your categories and apps configuration in your SD
✔ Easy app Info/Uninstaller

✔ Toggle between favorites and recent apps in one place
✔ Two Folders Styles: Ice Cream Sandwich or iOS iPhone Style
✔ Uninstall unwanted apps with a long press
✔ Long press category labels for add/remove apps in a category
✔ No hidden service draining your battery
✔ Recent apps are available even after a reboot
✔ No need to Home Key long-pressing to access your recent apps
✔ Keep apps organized using 'Uncategorized Apps' settings option
✔ After a backup restore, missing apps are identified and allowed to be re-installed or dismissed forever

Quick Notes:
✔ InstaDock was designed to be in your Main Home Screen. This way each time the Home-Key is pressed, you can switch between apps in a blink.

✔ The first time InstaDock accesses your apps, it will take a while creating your apps database, but don't worry this is a onetime process. After this initial launch, access to your apps list is virtually instant.

✔InstaDock is a widget and must be initially launched from the Widgets menu; long press over an empty space within your wallpaper and select 'Widgets' from the emerging menu then look for InstaDock label.

✔If you think this app is useful, please leave us your rating. We love ★★★★★ and appreciate ★★★★, but if you think we deserve less than that, please first consider emailing us your concern. InstaDock widget is not perfect, but with your 'good will comments' it will be improved.

✔Please send your suggestions and encouragement to

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