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    **** Insure Mate Lite****
    Insure Mate Lite is limited to 1 property and 25 items ... For the full version purchase via

    ****Full Version of Insure Mate****
    Insure Mate can assist in calculating your home content value so you can be assured that you have adequate insurance cover in case of any losses. Insure Mate can store images and details for each item in your home or where ever you have property insurance...all in the cloud and not on your computer or phone where data can be lost or stolen.
    Being organised saves you money. "Take the time, pay attention to as much detail and you'll have a complete value of assets and available 24/7 if you need to make a claim, you can send your claim directly from the Insure mate app to your claims agent for a faster claim response.
    How do you possibly accurately account for every single thing in your home that is covered by your insurance policy? Do you really know how much the real value of all your assets are? Do you really know if you even have enough insurance coverage? Insure Mate that’s how!

    Features include:
    Intuitive User Interface
    Organize with Room and Category tags
    Reduced typing with a common Item and room lists
    Barcode Scanner support (need a Barcode Scanner to be installed installed)
    Printed reports of your records, including PDF
    Instant financial summary of a location or category
    Password protected
    You can Add / Edit rooms and Items
    Add Categories as required
    Summaries by room, items and categories
    Item report in seconds
    CSV Export
    Camera support for snapshots of items
    Record important information of your belongings
    Let you email a claim inventory (with images) to your insurance claims agent, you can also enter the email address directly

    Create and maintain an up-to-date inventory of all your assets and household items by category, room with complete values for each.
    Insure Mate has a built-in calculator where you can see just whether or not you have enough insurance coverage.

    Record important information about every asset covered by your insurance in and around your house including items such as curtains, floor coverings, electronics anything at all and attach photos for proof of ownership. All this in one convenient application.

    You can search items in your home inventory and view items by location, rooms or category. You also have a financial report of your assets by rooms or category.

    Insure Mate app will be your mobile companion which you will then be able to log in to from the web from anywhere in the world.
    Have an accurate financial report of your assets
    An invaluable application if you ever need to make a cliam.
    Insure Mate will be able to assist you in making a claim if an unforseen disaster strikes.
    All data and images are instantly backed to the cloud data storage so if you ever lose you phone or computer you DON’T lose your important information.


    *** Before you rush and email out about a malware virus this is a false positive if scanned with AVG all other antivirus protection has no problem with Insure Mate.***

    If you run across issues on any device, please mention the phone model/manufacturer to help us support you better.
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