Insync is a Google Docs / Drive app that combines advanced syncing and sharing features with elegance and simplicity wrapped in a gesture-based user interface.

Built for the power user, you get the usual suspects of features but get advanced features so you can get work done.

Insync works across Windows / Mac / Linux and Android / Windows Phone.

You get a free 15-day trial for every Google account you add. To purchase, go to and get Insync on all the platforms for one price with unlimited installations.

Standard features:
+ Access your photos, documents, music, videos, PDFs and files
+ Share any file or folder to anyone
+ Star any file or folder
+ Upload files, photos or videos
+ Create new folders
+ Rename, move or delete
+ Send files as attachments
+ Print files on the go using Google Cloud Print
+ Offline file access
+ Filter items by file type

Advanced features:
+ Export to SD card
+ Copy shareable link
+ Automatically sharing to all with link when sending/copying links
+ Save folders to offline
+ Multiple photo/video upload
+ Dedicated upload screen with upload history
+ Stream music/video
+ Passcode lock
+ Combined "My Drive" and "Shared with me" views

We are working on additional features that extend Insync for desktop to Android.

Our awesome support is available at our forums or at

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