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The DRY9 Games multipurpose inventory application securely stores your records and pictures on the DRY9 Games cloud. The integration of the Android app and the web browser back office is seamless. Records and pictures are uploaded in real time as the inventory is being performed. You can search your inventory using both on the Android device and through your favorite browser. You can also export your data into an Excel Spreadsheet through the web site.

This application is structured as a broad spectrum approach to cataloging many different items. Maybe you would like to perform a quick inventory of your book collection. Support for ISBN-10 and ISBN-13 barcode scanning saves time by automatically filling in prompts such as Title, Author, Publisher and more. How about taking an inventory of your DVDs or Blu-rays. You might want to track everything that you have in that storage unit, and while your at it you can evaluate whether the storage fees are worth the stuff you have in there. What is in my basement? Who did I lend my power drill too? Do you have a small business and need to know what your assets are and what they are worth? What personal possessions do I have at my place of work? I am packing my bag for a trip to Hawaii... what if they lose my luggage? What about copies of important documents? Taking and managing inventory of all kinds of things has never been simpler with the DRY9 Games multipurpose inventory application.

+Store an unlimited number of items and pictures.

Available prompts:
Author - optional
Barcode - optional - will auto-fill some fields if ISBN-10 or ISBN-13 is detected
Camera - optional - take up to 4 pictures of each item - Note: do not expect this prompt to scan barcodes
Category - optional
Diameter - optional
Height - optional
Length - optional
Manufacturer - optional
Model Number - optional
Notes - optional
Price - optional
Quantity - optional
Serial Number - optional
Sub-Category - optional
Weight - optional
Width - optional

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