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    Inventory is a small, easy to use configurable list application, allowing you to set up lists of any type: task lists, check lists, shopping lists, notes and even inventories. You can decide which lists are to be synchronised with Google Tasks and which are to be kept locally on your Android.

    No adverts are displayed in the inventory application and no private information is collected by this software. Your data is kept on your Android and synchronised with Google Tasks.

    Multiple Google accounts are supported.

    Inventory now supports home screen widgets as a separate FREE download. Search for "Inventory Widgets" in the market. You MUST have Inventory version 1.0.12 or later installed for the widgets to communicate with the Inventory application.

    Inventory Widgets is supplied as a separate free download, so that the Inventory application can be installed on external storage, and the widgets can be installed on the internal device storage (a requirement of the Android OS for widgets to work when the OS starts).
    Upgrade to the latest version of the Widgets for reminders to be recreated when the device is rebooted.

    Press and hold an item in a list, to either mark the item as completed, edit the details, delete the item, duplicate the item, or share the item with other people. Swipe right across an item to mark it as completed, left to mark it as incomplete.
    Filter and sort each list independently.
    View items recently deleted from your list and restore accidently deleted items.
    Reset all completed items on a list back to incomplete.
    Clean the list of completed and deleted items to remove them completely from the list and the list of recently deleted items.
    Use the settings to change the display of colors for each list, the option to view all items regardless of list, grouping options when sorting by date and reminder settings.

    Choose which lists are synchronised with your Google account or kept on just your Android.
    Choose a what information to show against each list (priority, date, quantity, cost and photo) and choose color for all items on the list.
    Duplicate the list and all the incomplete items on the list, and then save as a new list.

    Scan bar codes and QR codes for the item title or notes (this requires the ZXing Barcode Scanner to be installed).
    Depending on the fields chosen for the list, you may enter optional information on priority, date, quantity, cost, and take or choose a photo of the item.
    Move an item to another list by changing which list it is assigned to.
    Duplicate an item on a list.
    If you may enter date information for the item, you can also set a reminder to be notified by your Android. Use the main settings to choose whether to be notified only once, or repeatedly.

    Sort your lists by title, date, quantity or priority. Sort and filter each list separately. Share your lists and items with others. Choose which fields you want to see in each list to customise the information you can record in each list.

    Required permissions

    To synchronise with your Google tasks, Inventory requires certain permissions.

    Allows Inventory to list the Google accounts set up on your Android.
    Allows Inventory to communicate with the Google tasks servers on the internet.
    Allows Inventory to authenticate your Google account with Google's servers. Note: Inventory does not have access to your account passwords.
    Allows Inventory to read the synchronisation setting on your Android in order to choose automatic or manual synchronisation.
    Allows Inventory to check the the license on the Android Market.
    Required for capturing photos.

    Coming Soon:
    Repeating tasks
    Indenting tasks
    Custom sorting of items in a list

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