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    Iris is a helpful assistant that interacts with you

    • Design, ease of use
    • Works faster than others
    • Sometimes doesn't understand
    • Only a few options

    "Hello I'm Iris and I'm here to help"

    Iris is an app inspired from iPhone's Siri that interacts with you and answers your questions.

    To use it, tap on the bottom button and speak: ask questions on whatever topic you want, for example general knowledge like: Who is Lady Gaga? and Iris will answer it shortly after.

    Iris can call and text someone, search for something in the Internet and look for a contact in your Agenda. There are no extra options but it should work well if you just need a simple assistant to help you when you don't want to write or think very much. The design is clean and aesthetic, simple and functional and it's easy to use, as you just have an option: talk to Iris.

    The problems with Iris is that it doesn't always understand what you mean, it surely gets easy questions like the one stated above but it has some problems with more complex sentences. Besides, it sometimes freezes and force-closes, making it pretty frustrating. It works faster than others but it should work on that and increase the features in the future. Dexetra is the developer of Iris and other three features for Android. This app is still in alpha version but it should include more extras and improve its bugs in further updates.

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