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Jet Launcher Pro's review


Jet Launcher allows you to launch apps just by swiping your finger from the screen corners

  • Launch up to 12 apps by swiping
  • Customizable corners size
  • Useful
  • Incompatibility with other Launchers with gestures

"Launch apps in a blink of an eye"

Jet Launcher Pro is an ad free version of Jet Launcher.

It allows you to launch up to 12 most frequently used apps. Actually, not just the most used since you can set it at your whim. Four corners, three possible swipes in each (horizontal, vertical, diagonal). From its menu you can set the app you want to launch just by tapping the default app and selecting whichever from the list.

It empowers gestures as app launching system, which is very useful on large screen devices. You can disable Jet Launcher from the notifications windows wherever you want and set corners size, corners display and vibration. The only catch of this app is that we've noticed some incompatibility with other launchers that also includes gestures.

Jet Launcher has been developed by JeftKeys. Although this is the first app they've launched on the Play Store so far, we bode them great success with this one and others. High recommendable.

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May 07, 2012

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