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    KakaoTalk while using the chat room that was cumulative backup, and that belong to the chat room, message / photo / video / audio, etc.
    Will be automatically backed up.

    Cellphones frequently change or those who are frequently asked to leave & join, you would like to modify conversations,
    Various materials you would like to see in the KakaoTalk Dear recommend this app.

    Need to have root privileges to use the application, and through the Google search please check the information on the routing. Routing user

    need only frozen (KakaoTalk.db file App available.)
    To KakaoTalk DB wonnaendeu and external patch you automatically detect and set the path.

    1. Friends menu

    Press if you, your friend from your friends list, you can see the profile.
    Profile In KakaoTalk username / alias / phone number, etc. You can check.
    -Save feature can save a profile picture.

    Friend in your Friends list LongPress if the sub-menu appears.
    - Friends Block: friends register just to modify friends synchronization by modifying the name of the address book.
    - Photo assignments: a friend's profile pictures (high resolution) mainly stored in the phone address book when, etc. must be shown.
    Deleted from my address book: address book from a friend who deleted.

    2. Chat menu
    Chat chat room conversation and delete the contents of the menu can be confirmed.
    Go to chat is LongPress the sub-menu appears.
    - Exit: Delete the corresponding chat room from DB.
    - Copy: copy the message to the clipboard. (Messages only)
    - Edit: to modify the contents of the message. (The KakaoTalk also changed the message will be shown.)
    - Delete: to delete the corresponding message.
    - Send: this message to send will be sent to the App.

    If you go in a chat room, photos, videos, voice messages, etc. LongPress
    Will download videos and additional features.

    3. Backup

    When you change the cell phone to the device, when initializing KakaoTalk conversations and photos fly all the regrets of experiences have you

    had the people who was
    Now you can rest assured. Backup all data KakaoTalk of 99% (emoticons, except the last profile picture) makes backup.
    Physical DB file attached at the top of the given path is easily accessible directly.
    - KakaoTalk import a copy: KakaoTalk.db file is copied to "/sdcard/KakaoTool/"
    - KakaoTalk to apply: you are currently editing DB KakaoTalk.
    - To bring the external DB import: SD Card, and db file directly.
    - Currently connected to the DB Export to external: E-mail, Cloud DB exports.
    - Server backup to backup the files on the server:.
    - Import from the server: DB files from the server after downloading.
    (Automatically after 12 hours one or more times to download or will be removed.)

    4. Add a menu (PRO version only)
    Add a menu you can use the additional functions, such as setting and convenient feature of the application when using the full profile, view

    photos, full conversation view photos, view the entire video, KakaoTalk full backup.

    - Recall every conversation: when you go into a chat room, all conversations at once shows.
    - To display the dialog select the desired message in the chat rooms, by filtering only shows
    - Activate the password lock password enabled.
    - Set the password: set the password.
    - Automatic App when running DB connection: automatically every time you run the app called KakaoTalk DB file and apply.
    - Automatically when you shut down automatically apply: App App at the end of DB KakaoTalk DB as applicable.

    Media Show
    - Profile pictures, chat and received pictures, videos, voice messages, etc. all at once, and can be downloaded.

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