Keypa Data Safe and Messenger



Keypa is
• data safe;
• password manager,
• secure web browser and
• encrypted messenger.

All data are kept secure end-to-end encrypted with AES-256 and RSA. On your device – when transmitted - on our servers.

Messages can only be accessed by sender and receiver.

Even we as the server operator have absolutely no way to read your data and messages.



• Easy password manager.
• Flexible categories for logins, bank data, credit cards and more.
• Store images, files, audios and videos like MP3, MP4, avi, …
• Generate secure password.
• Login to websites with ease.
• Photo viewer
• Video player


• attach pictures, files, audios and videos
• create group chats
• send records from data safe
• send messages via email
• import device contacts (optional – only if you want to)
• receive emails directly into Keypa and hide it securely encrypted


• Deletes cookies.
• Clears cache on exit.
• Download websites, photos, audios and videos like MP3, MP4, avi.
• Simultaneous downloads.


• Effortless sync files across multiple devices.
• Share data like passwords, logins, photos with family and friends.
• Multiple Keypa files to keep data from different projects separated.
• Web access to Keypa messages.


• AES-256 and RSA encryption.
• End-to-end encryption. Your data is stored encrypted on your devices, when transmitted and on our servers.
• For extras security our servers are hosted in Germany.

• We don’t store or transmit your passphrase to guarantee we never have access to your data. All data is stored securely encrypted. Your passphrase is the only way to access it.
This gives you the certainty that we never can disclose your data to anyone.


You can use Keypa any time on any device for free.

With a sync package ($9.90 per year incl. 1 GB data ) you can
• Sync across unlimited devices
• Access your data from any PC, Android phone and tablet
• Keep a secure server backup
• Exchange secure messages
• Receive E-Mails into your Keypa Box

To learn more about Keypa Sync packages visit


We don’t connect your data with any device ID, email address (unless you explicitly ask for it) or similar. We take your privacy serious.

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