Korallya is a new mobile networking tool aimed at simplifying and sensibly enhancing the experience of people meeting people in its manifold occurrences: for business, education or fun, in planned or unexpected occasions, in a connected or temporarily disconnected environment.

However it happens, too many times people lose important details. And this, too often, translates in a lost chance.

Anytime and anywhere, Korallya has been designed to be there to save the identity and value of every meeting, giving each event the chance to become a great opportunity.

By using Korallya, you can:
• Create brand new digital business cards using the colorful templates already packed in the application;
• Manage a personal repository or access your corporate one to have a quick access to contents you might want to exchange;
• Exchange your business cards along with accompanying text notes and attachments drawn from the repository;
• Exploit your existing smartphone address book to target your wished recipients by using their mobile number or email address;
• Create Temporary Meeting Rooms (TMR) in-app allowing an easy and quick exchange of business cards among several people all at once;
• Participate in meetings through the Meeting Virtual Folder (MVF) tool thus leaving your business card and attachments and at the same time grabbing a powerful mobile representation of the meeting’s important facts: who participated into it and what the discussed content was (through the files that are exchanged in the MVF).
• Visit large-participation events (fairs, convention, etc.) and grab all the exhibitors-prepared material through the download of Event Virtual Folders (EVF) making heavyweight and big-volume paper contents to carry a past thing;
• Have anyone quickly send you her business card and attachments by directly in-app scanning your Personal QR code shown on your smartphone in the app;
• Forward business cards you have received from other users and that they granted you permission to forward further;
• Browse the BC you have received through the eye-catching BC’s coverflow;
• Search and browse the entire BC Directory (BCs you have Received, Sent and Forwarded) your way, scrolling them in chronological or alphabetical order, or group them by organization or role;
• Act on business cards you receive by directly in-app call, text, email, visit website references included in it.

Currently the app is available in English, Italian and Spanish languages.

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